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To all the chubby girls:
Don’t wait, live now.
Don’t wait and hope until you’re thinner to start doing the activities you love or the ones you’ve always wanted to try.
Climb that mountain, ride that bike, take on that challenge, take that trip, eat that meal, start that business, wear that bikini, those shorts, that dress.
Surround yourself with encouraging people who see you for who you are. If not, keep pacing alone until you find unconditionally loving people on your life.
Too often, I hear girls saying, “If I had her body, I’d…” “If I was thinner, I’d…” “If I was prettier, I’d…”. Those are roadblocks that you are setting up for yourself for your present and impacting your possible future.
Even if you are on a weight loss or healthy journey, don’t wait to start doing anything. I’ve learned that life is much too short for any waiting, just DO.
You’re always you, at any weight. Once you accept that, can’t anyone tell you any differently.

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I see no lies here

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